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About Baninver

Since its launch in 1986 Baninver has quickly established itself as a leading, independent Management Investment Advisory with a growing portfolio of global interests. Our success is based on a deep knowledge acquired through many years of experience.

In 1986 Baninver S.A. was constructed by Banif, SA (Hispanic American Bank Group) and JM Interfinver (financial intermediaries). In 1989 Baninver became a Portfolio Managment Company independently registered through the National Commission of the Securities & Exchanges.

In 2010, Baninver merged all its commercial activities and mercantile trade to become a company in the field of Finance and Corporate Expansion and international business.

Our strategic solutions are focused on enhancing our clients’ ability to respond to particular their market whether they are expanding by entering new markets or moving down the supply chain to enhance their opportunities for growth.

We offer consulting beyond corporate finance to include corporate restructuring, corporate regulation and advise on international business law and jurisdiction.