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Financial Services

Baninver SA offers a complete portfolio of financial advisory services and capital market solutions to domestic and multinational clients across multiple sectors around the world.

BANINVER SA offers its customers a global financial service through subsidiary “financial agents”. Baninver SA´s services include Private Equity Advisory Equity and Debt Capital Market issuances, Restructuring and Recapitalization services amongst others. Baninver SA enjoys a growing reputation afforded by a thorough understanding of all major industry sectors delivered through a global network of dedicated financial consultants and experts.

At Baninver SA, we respond to and understand the needs of individual investors, industry and public interest advocates because we too are investors and business owners. By understanding your needs and the needs of the market, we are able to offer unique opportunities to those who matter most: our clients.

Fixed Income

The Baninver team is made up of highly specialized fixed income specialists. We can deliver a wide range of assets from the most conservative, such as treasury bills or government debt to private fixed-income assets, bonds, debentures, preference shares, etc.

Through the Baninver SA ICVC we offer our clients the ability to access fixed income, public and private, national and international level creating cost efficiencies on commissions and other operations.

Baninver ICVC

BaninverThe Baninver SA ICVC (Investment Company with Variable Capital) is a financial vehicle established to provide access to securities and other mutual funds that might otherwise be unavailable to independent investors. These investment companies are often the most appropriate vehicle through which to channel existing investments, if and when third party management companies meet our strict guidelines and standards.

The Baninver SA ICVC stock is traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange and benefits from a collective investment vehicle that until now has been the reserve of larger financial entities. The Baninver investor does not incur a direct cost from participating in the ICVC. These management costs are borne by society.

Management and Financing of Information Resources and Technology


Baninver offers specialized services in the management of information resources and telecommunications through an external partner, offering unique services and innovative financing, life cycle management of products, mobility services and exploration & support.

This service is constantly adapting to technological equipment user needs to define the strategy, customizing equipment, real-time response to business requirements, industrializing the processes associated with development and providing visibility and traceability within the technological department of the company. The latter is based on the renewal of equipment, dynamic management, disposal and recycling at the end of its life and a non-intrusive approach.

To develop this service we offer financial solutions adapted to the needs of each client (Special Leasing & Renting and innovators) and a defined budget framework and a comprehensive monitoring of IT assets and a team of professionals for each key stage of projects.

Partner: Econocom.

Other Financial Products

Baninver SA offers private and institutional clients the ability to access any existing financial product in the global market including, derivatives, structured finance, national and international equities and commodities.